Designing fire prevention sprinkler systems for commercial, industrial and residential buildings with over 20 years of experience. Serving Virginia, DC, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
NICET Level 3 Certified.
NFPA Member
Reduce your monthly insurance cost by installing a residential sprinkler system for your home. A residential fire prevention sprinkler system can lower insurance rates 5 to 15 percent. Learn More.
SprinklerTech provides the following services:
  • Free Estimates
  • Surveys
  • Engineer Designs
  • Contractor Designs
  • CAD Drawings
  • Cut Layouts
  • Stock Listings
  • Permit Layouts
  • Handle all interaction with authorities having jurisdiction
SprinklerTech has designed numerous systems for various types of businesses from Virginia to Florida since incorporating in 1999. Including saw mills, restaurants, assisted living, office buildings, hospitals, power generator stations, manufacturing, warehouses and private residences.
For more information, see our list of Clients and examples of our design/building projects.
See our parent company's website for more information at Holland Fire Protection.

White Papers
In this section we will be providing a series of White Papers on the subject of sprinkler system design and the production of shop drawings. This will provide those new to the industry with a real world perspective on the design and layout of sprinkler systems. Hopefully this will open up a normally closed world and improve the output of those working in this trade and help those who do not have or can not find mentors who are willing to share their skills.
  SprinklerTech can be contacted via email or calls us:
Garrett Holland Sr.
- 704-877-2553
AFSA @ SprinklerNet.Org
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