White Papers
What is a white paper?
A white paper is a report on a topic given by an individual or group with authority on the topic, typically to explain the results of a development effort, product or a particular procedure. Companies often publish white papers to explain newly developed technologies and can include an explanation of how the technology was developed, how it is used, benchmark and other testing results for the technology, statistical analyses, and other information. Companies often use white papers to advertise their services to customers. They are also used to educate or share information about certain industry techniques or approaches to applying solutions to various tasks, jobs or challenges.
SprinklerTech Inc. White Papers
Our white papers fall into the latter portion of the above description. Fire prevention has long been a business of competition. Thus passing knowledge and experience between designers is rare. Here at SprinklerTech we try to look at the bigger picture and greater benefits of sharing knowledge to save lives, property and company assets. We hope these papers can provide insight for both those new to the business and those who have been designing for years. As well as, those who may not normally think about sprinkler designs, such as home owners, business managers and architects.
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